Helping people find their place in the fight against systemic racism

It's not always obvious how racism can show up in your organization and your life

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If you’re looking to take action against the injustices of racism and inequality, our book is the perfect first step. 

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Get empowered with the practical skills to confidently speak up against racism and contribute to social justice in a meaningful way.

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If you are truly committed to bringing equity into your organization and transforming your culture, view our signature trainings here.

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Many people understand the need for systemic change to dismantle racism, but there’s a blind spot that often gets overlooked: the system is made up of individuals. The unique partnership between Dr. Maiysha and Dr. Jill provides a multidimensional journey for their clients to do the crucial internal and external work required to fight for racial equity in a well-informed, meaningful way, in order to have the most impact on their organizations.

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The Online Course

Conscious AntiRacism is a self-paced online course that is designed to empower people of all identities to confidently speak up against racism, confront their biases and privilege, and contribute to the movement for social justice in a way that serves those who are most directly impacted by racism and racial bias. In this course, you’ll learn practical tools to help you to confidently step into your (anti-racism or activist) journey and be accountable for your contribution to ending inequality in society.

In addition, our online courses are accredited for 12 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ 

Conscious Anti-Racism: Tools for Self-Discovery, Accountability and Meaningful Change

Conversations about race, and the internal and external work to fight for racial justice, are often extremely uncomfortable. They might even feel painful, even if you are well-intending and don’t consider yourself to be racist. If you feel overwhelmed by increasing levels of racial tension and anti-immigrant sentiment, discouraged by a sense that our country is more divided than united, and frustrated because you want to do something about it, but don't know where to start, then this book is for you.

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This course gave me the courage to discuss race with my co-workers with an open heart and the ability to listen, because I was able to take myself out of the equation.
Dr. Wener and Dr. Clairborne have developed a groundbreaking journey of self-discovery that confronts the deep-seated beliefs and behaviors that lead to social and racial inequality.

The Podcast

Dr. Jill Wener, a board-certified Internal Medicine specialist, meditation expert, tapping practitioner, and co-creator of the Conscious Anti-Racism curriculum, interviews experts in multiple fields relating to social justice.

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