Live and Virtual Trainings

Description of live/virtual training

Many people understand the need for systemic change to dismantle racism, but there’s a blind spot that often gets overlooked: the system is made up of individuals. The unique partnership between Dr. Maiysha and Dr. Jill provides a multidimensional journey for their clients to do the crucial internal and external work required to fight for racial equity in a well-informed, meaningful way, in order to have the most impact on their organizations. However, the benefits of this training extend far beyond the workplace. The knowledge and practical tools that you’ll receive during their signature Insight to Action 12-hour training will give you a better understanding of systemic racism in our society and the insidious ways it can affect our innermost thoughts and beliefs. By the end of the training, you will know how to confidently and compassionately process discomfort around race to take meaningful action- inside the workplace and beyond.

What you learn:
This curriculum focuses on learning and using practical tools and techniques to help people of all identities lean into and learn from the emotional discomfort that arises around systemic racism- on both a personal and institutional level- all within a unique didactic framework about the effects of systemic racism. It teaches individuals and groups the tools to:

  • Be emotionally equipped to acknowledge what we can do as individuals to change the world around us
  • Not feel intimidated by the strong feelings that arise from the type of "deep work" that leads to transformational change
  • Empower yourself to speak up confidently against racism, confront biases and privilege, and advance social justice in a way that serves the people who are most directly impacted by racism and racial bias
  • Understand Social Determinants of Health and how they affect patient care and patient outcomes (healthcare trainings only)


The curriculum includes:

  • 14 modules that include practical, actionable, non-theoretical, easy-to-use tools
  • A workbook with self-reflection exercises that you use immediately
  • Guided facilitation by anti-racism educators Dr. Jill Wener and Dr. Maiysha Clairborne
  • Option for additional separate affinity groups for BIPOC and non-BIPOC participants, to enhance learning and growth in a safe environment

Live Training

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