Live and Virtual Trainings

Our live and virtual trainings empower participants to learn and use practical, trauma-informed tools and techniques to help people of all identities lean into and learn from the emotional discomfort that arises around systemic racism- on both a personal and institutional level- all within a unique didactic framework about the effects of systemic racism. These trainings also give Black and other people of color tools to process their lived experience of systemic racism and recognize aspects of internalized white supremacy culture. All participants of our 12-hour ‘Insight to Action’ training create a ‘capstone’ project.

After completing our trainings, individuals and groups will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast the definitions of racism, anti-racism, and systemic racism
  • Identify how systemic racism manifests in the workplace and beyond
  • Relate the importance of leaning into discomfort about systemic racism to the path towards dismantling it
  • Create 'next-step' actions and design a larger equity project to address systemic racism in their institution
  • Integrate trauma-informed, resilience-building tools to be emotionally equipped to acknowledge what we can do as individuals to change the world around us
  • Identify the importance of not feeling intimidated by the strong feelings that arise from the type of "deep work" that leads to transformational change
  • Demonstrate tools and techniques to empower themselves to speak up confidently against racism, confront biases and privilege, and advance social justice in a way that serves the people who are most directly impacted by racism and racial bias

Live Training Options
(All live trainings may be delivered in-person or virtually)

‘Insight to Action’ 12-hour Training

  • Flexible delivery schedule
  • Suggested up to 10-15 participants per training, maximum 20 participants*
  • Recommended for executives, boards and management
  • Includes pre-training needs assessment
  • Includes customized workbook with self reflection exercises
  • Eligible to register for ongoing Executive Accountability membership program

Conscious Anti-Racism Half-day Training

  • Suggested 10-40 participants
  • Includes customized workbook with self reflection exercises
  • Recommended for smaller organizations ready to start the journey of deepening their anti-racism and anti-oppression work

1-hour Introductory Trainings

  • Signature trainings include 'Unconscious Bias: It's More Than You Think' and 'Communication That Transforms'
  • Up to 750 participants per training
  • Additional topical 1-2 hour trainings on trauma, communication, health equity, and more are also available. Inquire about bespoke trainings.

Allyship and Leadership Coaching 

  • Remediation coaching packages also available

*Looking for scalable options for larger organizations?
Group packages for our online course,
Conscious Anti-Racism: Tools for Self-Discovery, Accountability, and Meaningful Change, can be combined with any of our live trainings. Learn more about our online course here. 

Contact us below to determine which of our training options best fit your organization’s needs:

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